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//From now on I’m boycotting Singer too.

*facepalms* Checking Andi’s tag real quick because there’s a new post. 
It’s a thing about shipping Andi and Flash together… 
And I just…
She isn’t legal in canon. Hell, she’s probably young enough to be his daughter. 
He’s her teacher. 
Just… don’t ship them damnit. 
At least acknowledge that it’s helluva problematic. 

Things I am *incredibly* uncomfortable with right now


  • The “Hail Hydra” meme being popular at the same time that an anti-Semetic hate crime kills three people right before Passover.
  • … that’s it, really.

Trying to guess how old Corsair and Hepzibah are. 
Following Stan Lee’s rule for Marvel Comics characters’ age of one year for three, it has been 17 years since Scott joined the O5. He is 32. His father is at least 20 to 25 years older. 
Which makes Chris between 52 and 57.
For Hepzibah now
The accident where Scott and Alex were thrown out of the plane happened when Scott was what age? Let’s say 8? Which makes 24 years between “now” and “then”. 
Soon after Chris was taken and Catherine was killed, he was sent to the slave pits. That’s where he met Hepzibah. She was already an adult. 
Counting that she had been 18 to 23 in the pits, it makes her now 42 to 47. 
Anyone wishes to weigh in?


//Scott’s the most attractive of the three I think and without glasses he’s a knockout, but  yeah they’re not as attractive as Chris.

// Yeah. Each has their charm tho. 
Must be the pornstache and the pirate look. 

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I never thought Scott, Alex or Gabriel as handsome as their father. 
Gambit on the other hand… 


Damn. Damn. Damn

"It’s genetic" *uncomfortable silence*

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Damn. Damn. Damn

Told you they forgot the pants.

”_______ has passed away.”


Name someone to see my character’s reaction.

Bonus/Optional: Type how they died. [ Murdered, Suicide, Protecting, etc. ] 


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